Located in Montreal, Espace Ayurvéda specializes in Indian medicine, using the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda to offer natural products, treatments and courses, all with the purpose of restoring your control over your life and health
« I took the nettle and the milk thistle as recommended. I no longer have bloating and my blood iron levels are back to normal. I haven’t done the colon cleansing (for lack of courage, lol), but the pain in my colon is a still a lot less frequent… I have managed to reduce my sugar intake, I prepare my own healthy juices and I use spices [to treat] my pitta. I do a lot of training and my energy levels are way better! »
J., 41 yo
« Following our consultation this summer, I gave some more thought the cause of my eczema problem and I decided to change some of my habits: I started using a natural soap, changed my diet a bit, and reminded myself to breathe through my nose in stressful moments! My eczema finally disappeared this fall … after nearly 6 months! »
E., 32 yo
« Having just finished shooting a particularly difficult movie project, I found myself to be drained. I felt extremely tired, lethargic. I was worried that this state would continue. I had to find a solution quickly. So I went to consult Jonathan. He prescribed a tincture of adaptogens and gave me different Ayurvedic recommendations. After only 10 days, I had found my old energy again and was ready to face whatever life threw at me. »
I., 40 yo
« In 2010, I discovered stones in my gallbladder. A friend advised me to seek the help of a herbalist, and I decided to meet Jonathan L. Raymond who recommended a treatment that I followed meticulously and with regularity. The results were impressive and I haven’t had any discomfort in my liver since then. »
N., 63 yo
« Jonathan, thank you for your precious advice! I definitely got the desired results! 2-3 days into applying your advice, my digestive balance was restored. Liquid Chlorophyll works wonders and my food cravings have reduced drastically- especially the cravings for unhealthy foods. I’ve only had one glass of Pepsi in the last week and I don’t even want to buy more! I am grateful for your advice that helped me find my balance. I continue to work at applying your recommendations, reminding myself to take more work breaks and calm my mind. »
A., 26 yo
« Having come back from a trip with my face entirely paralyzed, I had managed to improve my situation by 70% but things had become stable for quite some time. That’s when I consulted Jonathan. He suggested a variety of treatments that nourished my affected nerves, calmed the pain and promoted healing. Today, I still have about 5% of symptoms, but they manifest mostly when I’m not following his advice. »
R., 57 ans